Hosting Your Own Website

Hosting Your Own Website

Hosting Your Own Website is Expensive? This is the Number One Reason Why We Do Not Get Online

Hosting Your Own Website
Hosting your own website is expensive? No the cost can still be brought down significantly today as there two different methods available to you. Tons of budget WYSIWYOs (What you See Is What You Get) all over the web and I use a wide range of their products.

A friend of mine buys your products purchased from me as day one she has already made a $1.80 sale without having any hosting of her own.

There are two types of hosting available today and I use both because it is much easier for me to manage a server full of hosting accounts as I can regulate them to service two or more accounts at once.

The difference between these two forms of hosting is an enormous amount of money. Reliable hosting is plentiful these days from One and One is a very cheap one thrown in for free. There is no huge up front setup costs that most hosting companies won’t offer. With this you will always make a profit with no big expenses to fall out of pocket.

the problem with this system is that your products and website are not hosted on a dedicated server in the way that your server would be hosting. In other words, no one else who is selling an item on eBay interested 3 years down the road in the visitors that visit your site. It is a lot more difficult to make a profit this way.

So protecting your mind is very important to keep in mind when looking for a solution on the internet. It is all about hosting your own website on a reliable dedicated server. There will not be any outages as one doesn’t have masses of indexing on search engines.

The most important thing is that the data center is around 90% uptime guaranteed for you. If it is less than 95% there is a big chance you will lose your business. My experience with eBay has confirmed that 100% of all the sites I purchased my product from were down a lot. As a matter of fact sites always go down at least twice a year.

My suggestion to anyone looking for a product would be to buy your hosting plans when starting out and in a hard www business environment. On which point it is a great way to get started and you canenroll other people into your business as the traffic you don’t get cycle up again for you.

If you are wise and buy hosting at the start the odds are you already have a website all set up so you can deliver more and more to your customers without any issues. There is a massive learning curve and it is a great way to make money for yourself and your friends.

Do take this advice and I don’t mean to become a webmaster. Making money is not a save that you save few Hours or a few dollars on hosting. As I found out is a complete learning process.

This is one thing you can always do a lot better than anyone else in the first place.

How to Get Your Site Listed in Google Fast

So you want to get your site listed in Google? You open up your browser to open up Google and in comes a black screen? That’s fine you click on the back button because you feel that it’s too much to make sure you get your site registered in this high ranking site. And there is a lot you can do. I think those people running the site know exactly what it takes to get your site listed in Google in a quick and easy way!

Ok, ready? Log in now.

OK, the first thing you must do is to decide what search term you want your site to be listed under and identify your keywords. There isn’t really a correct answer as to how many words there should be. For example, believe it or not, it really depends on what I’m doing. What I personally do is strategically place keywords different on your page objects 16 possible places. Example:

o On the Title Tago On the Page Headero In the Page Bodyo But Not On Every Single Pageo Also On Link Anchors

This way, you can still maintain relevance of the page being indexed, and you are stillforming the overall structure of your site in the mind of Google. They are know masters when it comes to the structure of the World Wide Web. The code for your website does not matter. It is the information the tell Google what your site is about.

Next you need to register for a Google Account or Google Webmaster Account. To get one you simply must give some information. You will need your email address o your physical address this might be verified by a postcard sent to you from Google.

Next you have to verify your site by uploaded a handful of HTML. This means adding these to your index page and your site is now indexed in Google. Now your number one goal would be to get indexed in the search engines so that Google can find you.

Since your site is indexed in Google, it is important to at least let the search engines know you are there and that you have the information that Google is looking for. To do this, guess what you must do, get listed and indexed in Google.

To do this, you must do a couple of things that Google will probably not like you to do right away.

First, you must claim your site by getting your site linked with other Web sites. There are dozens of free sites that you can do this with. You will also find specialty sites that can assist you in getting your site listed. This is mistake and you will pay and wait for Google to find you.

SEO experts will always tell you that if you want to get indexed in Google fast, you need to build back links (“links coming in”) and you need as many back links you can get. Whatever you do, don’t try and hurry or anyone will get you listed in Google fast but don’t so fast that you get delisted. Sounds scary doesn’t it?